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A B O U T     U S

The IMA Foundation is born from the need of the father of a person with down syndrome, who realizes that he could die at any time and that his son would not be left with tools or weapons to be able to leave alone in a society at a time faster, decides to undertake with this initiative.

              In other way, the tourism sector is identified as a productive area in which our participants could have a better impact. After an analysis of more than 40 competencies, 3 positions aligned to the competencies of people with down syndrome are selected.


              MUYU is developed as a management center for entrepreneurship with the support of the CRISFE Foundation, with the objective that MUYU generates the resources for the maintenance of the program, generating a self-sustainable model that allows us to maintain the current program.

              This is how it starts with this program that has an important impact on society, starting in the city of Quito, several companies will soon join to sustain this initiative of high economic impact on society.

              With the endorsement of the Senescyt, Ministry of Tourism and the Association of Chefs of Ecuador, the professional qualification of the first graduates will be achieved and begins with the labor inclusion of the first graduates, with endorsement at the national level.         


              At the moment the recognition has been received from the Presidency of the Republic, as a program of labor inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as the support of dozens of companies who with their support have helped to maintain and equip the program.


              From March 2017 to the present, we have reached several milestones, we have 15 participants in our “Training” program, we have professionally qualified 15 participants, including 5 people effectively through our “MY JUST JOB” program and we have started the franchise of the “MY FAIR BUSINESS” program with a participant.


Create a technical team, prepared and committed to the training, certification and labor inclusion program of people with intellectual disabilities.


To become the Foundation for the support of professional training and labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, a reference in Ecuador by 2025